2020 Summer Theatre Intensive

We are excited  to announce open registration for our June and August Summer Intensive! That’s right we are adding another one in August!!!  We only take 50 students max per intensive so we encourage you to save your spot today!


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About Us

A note from the director


My name is Angela Morando-Taylor. I am a dance and performance educator with over 21 years in education and performance under my belt! For the last 15 years I have been the dance director and coordinator  for West Boca’s Performing Arts Acadamy, Boca  Raton High School’s Drama Program and this year will be my third year with Palm Beach Central's Drama program as well.  I believe in a solid education not only in the arts but academically as well. Knowlege is power!

I started my journey 34 years ago in a small town called Sugar Grove  Pennsylvania. I was 7 at the time and wanted to be like my older cousin, so I started taking class at Linda Dies Dance Unlimited  In Warren, PA.  Little did my parents know that it would be the start of my life’s work.

 My path has been a tricky one, Diagnosed at 16 with fibromyalgia, I had to learn to dance with a lot of pain, fatigue and frustration. Five years later while at Coker College, on scholarship, I would have two broken feet, collapsed arches and a broken heart. It was at this point I was told I would never dance again. This was all due to poor flooring and a weakened body. The following nine months were dedicated to my physical therapist and finding a way to dance again, I was very determined. The hard work paid off, I ended up at the Clevland Clinic were I was told I had five years tops if I wanted to continue to dance. I made it 11 years before I retired. I was smart enough at the time to know that my feet would never withstand the demand a concert dancer requires, so I decided to go into professional theatre. This is what makes my background a little different, I am educated in dance as well as theatre.   

 I am sharing my story with you because it helps support  how I have come to this point, why I have become such an advocate for proper flooring, self care and true teaching, not demonstrating! I have learned the in’s and out’s of crushing disappointments, perseverance and empathy through my journey and use it every day in my teachings. Some hear my story and find it tragic but I am grateful because I would not be the person or teacher I am today with out it. 

I believe every student that I come in contact with deserves the best of me, whether they want to go on to being professional or just love the arts and  want to learn the craft for their high school career. They are all amazing!


Artistic Staff

Angela Moranda -Taylor


Classical jazz , Tap, Broadway Styles, Fosse, Stretch & Cross Training 

Alyssa Thompson


Ballet, Modern, Classical Jazz, Leaps & Turns, Acro 

Kyle Lang


Professional Assistant  ( Angela Morando-Taylor) 

Jasmine Compere


 Haitian folklore, Pre- ballet & Substitute 

Liz Korkos



Tiffany Lutz



Michael Taylor


  Shakespeare, Film &  Tutoring 



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